Inspired By Face

Today I am sharing a 5” x 5” journal page. This is the gal I drew for the epic throw down with the Fab Kim Dellow (a couple of weeks ago) until I realized our challenge was for 2” or smaller.  So this is the spare that didn’t get used back then.  I left the hair uncolored in order to focus the attention on the face.

This month the entries could reflect who we are inspired by. My inspiration comes from June Walker check out her blog .  June does the coolest color blocking to color her faces with it. They have fascinated me and I have wanted to give it a go. I am entering this in to Kim Dellow’s “Show Your Face Friday” challenge. Please go on over and check it out.


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23 thoughts on “Inspired By Face”

  1. Oh I love her face, and she is very much like June’s. Isn’t it fun to be inspired and pushed by all the other wonderful artists.

    I love that you left the hair as is….that is the crowning glory,

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and the kind comments. Yes it is great to be motivated to try new looks and ideas 🙂 Love Kim for that!!! Thanks on the hair hoping that would make sense lol 😀

  2. Creative and lovely idea! You picked bold colors that draw me into her beautiful eyes and make me wonder what lies beyond them! Great job Susana!!

  3. I so wanted to try June’s color blocking technique but decided that was a bit beyond my current skill level. LOL You have done an excellent job with it on this gal. Awesome face and I like the “plain” hair, too. 🙂

  4. Perfect use for your extra LOL! I love her and the way you used the inspiration from June. Ok this is going to sound weird but I love her teeth! Whenever I try teeth my people look like they need an emergency trip to the dentist. So I have extra admiration for your artwork 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Show Your Face and for the shout out too! Kx

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