DecoArt Media Under The Sea Challenge

I had a bunch of fun creating an entry for the Deco Art Media Challenge. It’s called under the sea and I knew exactly where I wanted to go with this!!!

I used the Deco Art Americana acrylic paint line, Deco Art Modeling Paste as well as the new Deco Art Metallic Lustre in Rose Gold.  A complete list of all the paints used is at the bottom of this post.

I took a paper mache mannequin (see below) and glued random under the sea objects with the random stash molds I have been collecting and yes that includes those cool fish scale as part of her bustier. I then painted the entire piece in Deco Art Americana Coastal waters, Deep turquoise and Soft Jade. I then went back and hand painted each object on her bodice using Americana.


***Fresh technique alert*** I then did a lightbulb went off in my head technique where because the mannequin is an odd shape laying a stencil flat is near impossible. So light bulb wet off and I took parts of the seaweed stencil and drew an outline from it which I then fussy cut and blobbed on < << (Random Artist 222 word) some of Deco Art’s modeling paste. I love how it takes color. I let those piece dry then glued them on in a manner that made me smile 😀



Ta Daaaa, the final outcome 😀


I used the following Americana paint colors:

  1. Coastal Waters
  2. Chartreuse
  3. Deep Turquoise
  4. Soft Jade
  5. Melon Ball
  6. Vanilla Shake
  7. Teal
  8. Terra Cotta
  9. Autumn Red
  10. Coral
  11. Canyon Orange

Thank you DecoArt for sponsoring this challenge.

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15 thoughts on “DecoArt Media Under The Sea Challenge”

  1. What a unique and quite lovely creation. Loved your “fresh technique alert” too! Thanks bunches for joining our DecoArt Media Under the Sea challenge. joi

    1. Thanks Joi for taking the time to stop by appreciate your note on the fresh tech alert 🙂 Loved the challenge topic and of course DecoArt <3

  2. Well, this is gorgeous and I can see it so much better in your top picture. It’s an outstanding piece! Your art is so unique.

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