Time To Change

Today I am sharing another 2” x 2” journal page. The one you see directly below I posted up on Instagram last week and some how Kim Dellow and I got on to a casual epic chat about how small could we make a face. I thought we said let’s see how small you could go, so when I drew her the 1st time she was about 4” tall. I missed the fact till I read on Show Your Face Friday (Kim’s uber cool challenge yourself to draw faces blog post) that I had committed to a face no larger than 2” tall EEEEEEEEK. Continue reading

Home Decor Project

I have a sweet BFF moving in to a brand spank’n new home hopefully in short time. I wanted to do something extra special as she is always some one who is there for me and I count those kinds of friends on one hand. I call them the Trues because they love you unconditionally, they don’t assume the negative in emails, they support your endeavors and they check in when they haven’t heard in awhile and lastly the True friendship can go weeks and months but when you call its like you just talked to them yesterday.

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Finding My True North

So it’s been while since I posted due to me being wrapped up with a challenge on Instagram called “ICAD 2015.” I will post some updates but you can follow my more frequent arty adventures so make sure to follow me on Instagram as well. Basically ICAD (index card a day) is about creating art every day on a small doable scale.  Since it’s on an index card (3” x 5”) it makes it fun to give it a go. It’s allowed me to find my True North back to creating art and I’ve been able to test out ideas that I can now take on to a larger scale.

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#ICanDoThis Index Card a Day – Who Knew?

Tammy has once again coordinated a fab challenge ICAD (Index Card A Day) that runs  for 60 days. So happy I did this as it makes me push myself to create something and it doesn’t have to be perfect or a lot or something to hang on the wall. It just needs to fit on the size of an index card! All these ideas in my head I now get to test drive on a smaller scale and when I do it this way I don’t feel so ACK about doing the larger version 🙂  You can find all the details at Daisy Yellow Art along with prompts to get you thinking.

If you want to see what I do check out my Instagram page.

I play along Mon thru Fri though the other thing is there is no pressure to post every day.  I will be summarizing weekly what I am able to do at the blog 🙂  So here are my 1st week’s attempts though note I started on a Tuesday.

periodicTable    journey maps    owl

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Huge RA222 Hugs!!!

Sunflowers on Fire!

1st off I will occasionally post up things I have colored for the sheer joy of it – not to journal or mixed media it away but just the sheer joy of how something came out (I hope) 😀

I have always been fascinated with how light plays on items. Not so much in the light source manner but in the way it creates transparency, opaqueness, color shadows (think petal lying over another petal), layers etc. Continue reading

My Starry Starry Night

I have always been fascinated with Van Gogh’s art especially Starry Night. So this piece is inspired from that work.

It started with the background where I applied Tattered Angel along with Art Anthology sprays. I then cover it all by using a very large soft mop brush with clear gesso, my favorite being Pebeo transparent gesso, that seals the layer fairly well for me. But as with all water based sprays I try not to push it as I’m adding items to the project.  As with anything, always test it out on a sample piece first.  Now if you use a mica based spray most sealers will pull of the shiny mica but still leave you with a cool base color like you see here. It does take some practice.  I had started out thinking about using string art for the clouds but changed my mind and used a Mayco stamp instead (all of which you’ll see below). Continue reading

Be Unique

This little whimsical sweetie is my very own design as is her octo-head dress ❤

I drew her back in 2013 and thought time to bring her out. I love her as I can accessorize her any which a way 😀

So the background is a play with Dylusion and Paper Artsy chalk paints. Check out the close up here (click on image for larger view) –  loving how the paint plays with each other nicely.

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Susana’s Fairy Garden

So here I go my first official personal blog post EEEEEK 🙂

I always start my projects with an idea board. I gather all the stamps, stencils, inks etc that I feel would lend themselves to what I see in my head. Believe me, what’s in my head is a scramble bamble of ideas trying to become something cohesive. So the idea board helps me test out images placement color etc before I commit. I say that as my investment to a background takes me some time to color and light placement/balance and would not want to see ruined on a whim. But that’s how I roll and its ok cuz there are no rules in art cept mixing the wrong colors to get mud unless mud is what you want LOL 😀

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