Howling at the Moon


In my weary bid for summer to be over and fall and winter to finally arrive (I should caveat this by saying that I live in drought stricken California and I am sick of seeing the sun everyday).  So I went to one of my favorite times of year and decided to create a sugar skull.  I note the words “She is haunted” because this is how I feel lately.  I am haunted by the hot weather.  I am haunted by my own art.  I am haunted because the path that I thought I was walking on is now changing yet again.

So this week’s entry for Kim Dellow’s “Show Your Face Friday” challenge is my own hand drawn sugar skull.  I hope you enjoyed this and if you did then please show my your love by subscribing or leaving a comment.


 (click on image to see it larger)

19 thoughts on “Howling at the Moon”

  1. How perfect for this time of Year. Howling at the moon and what a great journal page it makes. Everything about it makes it work…the moon, that face, the fence…the clouds…the birds or bats in flight…I see Halloween just around your corner. haha.

  2. oh my-unlike you I could never tire of summer or sunshine! I am clinging yet onto every last wonderful (and unusual) bit of summer heat we are still having:):) Looks like you are cooling off wonderfully though with your Halloween themed art-love it!

  3. Love all the spiderwebs in the sky, and the story behind the painting. I can imagine living in a drought-stricken place that you long for winter, although I don’t think I could ever tire of the summer and the sun. Guess I’m living in the wrong place ….

    1. Thanks so much for the love and if we end up with another winter thats like a summer be happy to trade spots lol 😀 I have an entire unused sweater collection for 2 years now not needed UGH 🙁

  4. I love your sugar skull and the paper you chose and everything about this. I think sometimes with the season changes we get melancholy. Maybe hungry for just something a little different. I am going through that now.

  5. Love! Fab Susana just my sort of thing, I love the torn card and all of it! Gosh, you guys have had a drought for so long, I hope that you get some rain and some balance back to your weather. Thanks for linking up to Show Your Face and for the shout out too. Kx

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