I ended up working in my journal and pulled out my new Seth Apter Transform stencil and Seth’s amazing stamps. I started out with Paper Artsy chalk paints in four colors and blended them together until I was happy.

Next I used Seth’s rubber stamps predominately from his Solar System collection and randomly stamped them onto the background. I then used the Transform stencil which can be purchased at Stencil Girl and applied modeling paste to create some dimension. Continue reading


Howling at the Moon


In my weary bid for summer to be over and fall and winter to finally arrive (I should caveat this by saying that I live in drought stricken California and I am sick of seeing the sun everyday).  So I went to one of my favorite times of year and decided to create a sugar skull. Continue reading


Inspired By Face

Today I am sharing a 5” x 5” journal page. This is the gal I drew for the epic throw down with the Fab Kim Dellow (a couple of weeks ago) until I realized our challenge was for 2” or smaller.  So this is the spare that didn’t get used back then.  I left the hair uncolored in order to focus the attention on the face. Continue reading


Time To Change

Today I am sharing another 2” x 2” journal page. The one you see directly below I posted up on Instagram last week and some how Kim Dellow and I got on to a casual epic chat about how small could we make a face. I thought we said let’s see how small you could go, so when I drew her the 1st time she was about 4” tall. I missed the fact till I read on Show Your Face Friday (Kim’s uber cool challenge yourself to draw faces blog post) that I had committed to a face no larger than 2” tall EEEEEEEEK. Continue reading


Home Decor Project

I have a sweet BFF moving in to a brand spank’n new home hopefully in short time. I wanted to do something extra special as she is always some one who is there for me and I count those kinds of friends on one hand. I call them the Trues because they love you unconditionally, they don’t assume the negative in emails, they support your endeavors and they check in when they haven’t heard in awhile and lastly the True friendship can go weeks and months but when you call its like you just talked to them yesterday.

Continue reading